When our feet are in shoes all day we are compressing our toes and not allowing them to properly stabilize us. Strength is built from the bottom up, so the alignment of our toes is essential for gait, balance, and performance.


  • Overlapping of toes

  • Lack of spacing between toes

  • Big toes turning in (sign of future bunions)



  • No more overlapping

  • Proper spacing of toes

  • Toes are no longer turning in


What are Toes Spacers?

They are a tool that can be used while working out, relaxing on the coach, or walking around. They help to realign your toes back to their natural shape with stretching the muscles in your foot. They help to fix the foot deformities people get from wearing shoes everyday, especially shoes with a narrow toe box.

Are you suffering from plantar fasciitis?

Toe spacers are known to help get rid of plantar fasciitis pain when nothing else has worked. Plantar fasciitis the inflammation of a tissue that runs from your heel bone to your toes on the bottom of your foot. Toe spacers help to stretch this tissue, so it is not so tight. They are uncurling your toes from an unhealthy position that is causing the muscles and tissues in your foot to be short and tight. By separating your toes they are also increasing blood flow to the area that helps with inflammation and healing.

How do Toe Spacers work?

Toe spacers force your toes to go to their correct position before they were compressed by wearing shoes. There are a lot of different muscles and bones in your feet. Many of these muscles are not being utilized and can become weak. With the use of proper foot exercises and toe spacers these muscle will be properly activated and become stronger. Just like any other muscle in your body you should be working out your foot muscles. When these muscles are strong they can help with other activities like yoga, running, jumping, squatting, and more.

What do Toe Spacers help with?

  • Relieves foot pain.

  • Stretches muscles.

  • Realigns your toes.

  • Helps common with foot injuries.

  • Planter Fasciitis

  • Bunions

  • Hammertoes

  • Overlapping toes

  • Improves stability

  • Strengthens mobility

  • Encourages movement and blood circulation

  • Restores normal and natural foot function




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