In person 1:1 Physical Therapy

One on one physical therapy takes 60 minutes, including roughly 20 minutes of manual therapy based on your body’s needs with the remaining time spent in exercise-based therapy for your injury. Techniques used combine myofascial release, mobilizations, manipulations, instrument soft tissue mobilization, stretching, cupping, rolling and taping. Our physical therapists use free weights, barbells, cables, turf field and more to get you back on track without the use of assistants.

Physical therapy can be preventative, active or for post-surgery patients. In fact, did you know you can see us first? Physical therapists are musculoskeletal experts who can formally diagnose you and create a comprehensive plan of care for injury. So, whether you want to be assessed for injury prevention, have a nagging injury with specific pain to address, are returning from surgery and actively participating in recovery or want to educate yourself on proper form and body mechanics, we’ve got you!

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Virtual 1:1 Physical Therapy

Do you need to rehab an injury but you’re a busy individual? Perhaps you travel often or aren’t local. One on one virtual physical therapy provides people like you with the same quality of care using specific guided exercise in real time. Experience a 1-hour comprehensive physical therapy session in the convenience of your own home or gym. Each session includes guided exercises, strength training and form correction through video chat. All you need to do is show up with a good internet connection and we’ll walk you through the rest!

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