At Perform Physical Therapy and Wellness we work with youth, adults and seniors on learning proper techniques that correct movement, improve function and increase mobility. Here, you’ll get something you’re hard-pressed find at most places—quality one-on-one care that’s compassionate, personal and accommodating with a strategic, customizable plan that’s convenient and caters to your ultimate objective—whatever that may be. You’re also held accountable to progress through our app PT Everywhere, which is integrated with your particular program.

Our 4P approach to prepare, practice, prevent and perform was created to empower each person toward comprehensive health. So, whether you want to run faster, get stronger, become more explosive, or just return to an activity or sport you love, Perform Physical Therapy and Wellness has your back … and the rest of your body too!

We offer in-person and virtual consults for one-on-one and group training, including injury prevention, manual therapy, rehab or strength-based conditioning. In addition, Perform Physical Therapy and Wellness has an online sports nutrition component to help patients reach their physical and performance goals.

Our practice operates in our own state of the art gym facility. Having access to this space offers patients comprehensive therapy that they won’t receive at a typical physical therapy office!