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At Perform Physical Therapy and Wellness we work with youth, adults and seniors on learning proper techniques that correct movement, improve function and increase mobility. Here, you’ll get something you’re hard-pressed find at most places—quality one on one care that’s compassionate, personal and accommodating with a strategic, customizable plan that’s convenient and caters to your ultimate objective—whatever that may be. You’re also held accountable to progress through our app PT Everywhere, which is integrated with your particular program.

Our 4P approach to prepare, practice, prevent and perform was created to empower each person toward comprehensive health. So, whether you want to run faster, get stronger, become more explosive, or just return to an activity or sport you love, Perform Physical Therapy and Wellness has your back … and the rest of your body too!

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Manual Therapy

With each session you can expect manual therapy based on your body’s needs and your injury. Coupled with specific exercise, manual therapy can provide quicker and longer lasting results.

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What We Do


Prepare the tissue to perform with manual therapy methods such as myofascial release, mobilizations, stretching and cupping.


Guided one on one exercise that is specifically prescribed for your condition and goals.


Injury prevention sessions to keep you performing and prevent you from being sidelined.


Sport specific training including agility and plyometrics, to return you to your sport performing better than when you had left it.



Hi I’m Dr. Claire Haeuptle (pronounced high-PLEE)! Thank you for visiting Perform Physical Therapy and Wellness, a comprehensive resource service fo...

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Hi I’m Dr. Claire Haeuptle (pronounced high-PLEE)! Thank you for visiting Perform Physical Therapy and Wellness, a comprehensive resource service for people looking to perform at an optimum level every day.

As a skilled physical therapist and certified strength and conditioning specialist, I’ve worked with a variety of individuals with active lifestyles and athletes with a range of needs. Despite their differences, they have in common the desire to become a stronger, better version of themselves.

Is that you? If so, you’re in the right place! Did you know that the body has an instinctive need to heal itself? It just needs guidance on how to get there. That’s where I come in. Since 2018 I’ve specialized in orthopedic and sports physical therapy for overall wellness, prevention and rehab injuries as well as strengthening and maintaining optimal health.

My own experience as a college-level athlete with 5 knee injuries developed into an enthusiasm and passion for working with others to heal their bodies in a way that fulfills their preferred lifestyle. It also allows me to empathize with patients to meet them where they’re at—whether they’re playing competitively on club teams, in high school or college, are elite-level athletes or simply just trying to get or stay fit.

I have the patience and desire to answer questions with time intentionally built into sessions to better understand patient goals. I also focus on education to explain why we’re doing what we’re doing and how it contributes to the process of growth and healing.

Lastly, I understand that therapy goes beyond the physical body and extends to our mental, emotional and physiological functions. It’s not uncommon for patients to experience a response release during sessions and I encourage everyone to feel unrestricted in this area, it will influence your overall wellness.



Rutgers University, The State University of New Jersey

Doctorate in Physical Therapy


University Of Mary Washington

Bachelors degree in Biology
Division III women’s basketball player and team captain for 4 years
NSCA All-American Strength and Conditioning Athlete of the Year  2014-2015


The Peddie School
2010 ESPN National High School Invitational Girls Basketball Champions
2010 State Prep School Girls Basketball Champions



Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Claire completed 3 separate strength and conditioning internships outside of her clinicals during physical therapy school. One at division I Stony Brook University and two at alma mater The University of Mary Washington.

She developed an educational and training 6 week program targeted towards youth athletes to reduce risk of injury and improve athletic performance while in graduate school in New Jersey.


LSVT BIG Certified

Claire was the sole neurology/movement disorder provider for her company in San Diego. She was very involved in the Parkinson’s community and has treated patients with chronic neurological conditions for 3 years.


Certified Nutritionist

Josh Bowes is a Certified Nutritionist, Tactile Specialist and Personal Trainer who guides men and women in their 20s through late 40s who are either ...

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Certified Nutritionist

Josh Bowes is a Certified Nutritionist, Tactile Specialist and Personal Trainer who guides men and women in their 20s through late 40s who are either starting a healthy and active lifestyle or are already an athlete but need guidance to create and maintain body composition.

Very simply, I function as a guide to encourage healthy eating habits and making better choices through flexible, efficient and effective virtual coaching sessions. In my role I am an accountability coach, collaborating with clients to create or maintain their ideal body composition with a focus on whole food education.

As a former Special Ops member in the Navy, nutrition has been of special interest to me as an ultimate way to fuel my body during grueling physical training. As I learned about the role it played in my life, I noticed its importance in my ongoing physical performance and overall wellness.

Healthy eating is a lifestyle and therefore a process that takes time to cultivate. Despite where I am today in my own nutritional journey, I can relate to clients who may be just starting theirs. Growing up I was overweight because I didn’t pay attention to what I was consuming, which is why I’m so conscious about what I’m putting into my body and how I can provide that insight to you.

I’m passionate about educating others on the importance of preparing and consuming healthy ingredients. I love the process and purpose of cooking and being able to share that so people can learn how to create and enjoy what’s healthy as something they can take pride and ownership in. Being self-reliant when it comes to nutrition is one of the biggest gifts you can give to yourself. There’s no greater reward than watching someone finish the program and reach their personal body composition goals.



Dr. Trevor Weinstock joined Perform Physical Therapy and Wellness as a physical therapist in 2021, specializing in treating nerve pain, spinal and hip...

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Dr. Trevor Weinstock joined Perform Physical Therapy and Wellness as a physical therapist in 2021, specializing in treating nerve pain, spinal and hip injuries. His favorite aspect of the work he performs is having the privilege of meeting new clients and learning about their lived experience through open conversations.

As a collegiate inline hockey athlete, Dr. Weinstock succumbed to multiple hip and wrist surgeries, which fueled his passion to help others recover and demonstrate the most effective way to heal their bodies and get them back to doing what they love.   A catalyst that led to his career in physical therapy was his Type 1 diabetes diagnosis at age 2, which is why his No. 1 goal is showing compassion to each individual. Living with this condition offers him a unique perspective when connecting with others who have either a Type 1 or 2 diagnosis and has allowed him to use a more holistic approach when it comes to working with patients.

Dr. Trevor Weinstock graduated with a degree in Kinesiology from Arizona State University in 2018, then moved to San Diego where he received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences. Outside of the office, Dr. Weinstock spends the majority of his time enjoying America’s Finest City surfing, playing beach volleyball and exercising outdoors.



The University of St Augustine for Health Sciences

Doctor of Physical Therapy


Arizona State University College of Health Solutions

The University of St Augustine for

Health Sciences



BLS Provider


HeartSaver First Aid


Claire is the absolute best physical therapist. Her knowledge of the body and passion for your health and happiness pours out of her every visit! And talk about creative.. never will you get tired of doing your exercises, her inventiveness is part of her effectiveness. I know that without Claire I wouldn't have survived this ankle sprain. I owe my recovery to her completely.

Mal M.

I was so fortunate to have started P.T. with Dr. Claire at Perform Physical Therapy and Wellness. When I started there this summer, my legs were so weak that all of my exercises had to be done lying down or sitting. The P.T. through my medical provider focused on teaching me to walk using a walker. Dr. Claire has helped me to actually take hour long walks using just one hiking pole. When I go in for my 1x per week Therapy, Dr. Claire is focused only on me for the whole hour. She starts each session by stretching my body to relieve my sciatica. Then we work in the gym on balance exercises, strength-building activities, and flexibility. She has helped me better understand proper nutrition techniques and has given me more insight into my body's particular strengths and weaknesses than anyone on my HMO plan. Dr. Claire has restored my mobility and I am very grateful.

Diane M.

I cannot recommend Dr. Claire enough. I started seeing her because of severe sciatica which was limiting my ability to walk, sit and perform most normal daily activities. I saw her regularly for almost 3 months, and really started seeing a change after about 6 weeks with her. Her approach is extremely personalized, every session is different depending on I was feeling on that day. Dr. Claire takes the time to really explain her approach, gives specific exercises to be done at home and is always available for questions between appointments. If you are considering physical therapy for any injury, I urge you to go see Dr. Claire - she is passionate about her work and patients and you can see that from day 1.

Julie H.

I come to Claire on a regular basis for body work. I have a disability and depend on my upper body for everything, causing a lot of wear and tear. Claire understands ( better than most medical professionals) that I simply cannot hop on the table and move around as needed. She is extremely understanding and helpful in this regard, and is unique in her experience working with people with disabilities. I feel 100% rejuvenated after every session, and it allows me to press on with my rehabilitation and adaptive sports. I highly recommend Perform PT!

Laura G.

I have so many great things to say about Dr. Claire. I sought her out after dealing with lower back pain for over a year. What I liked immediately is that she did a thorough assessment and started identifying ways her PT could help. I love that Dr. Claire uses exercise in her rehabilitation. I was shocked that after 3 sessions I had a significant decrease in my pain and was feeling much more comfortable. After almost 5 months of working with Dr. Claire, my pain has subsided and I’m still doing everything I was doing before I went to PT (working out, carrying my animals, etc. ) Dr. Claire doesn’t make you feel like you have to stop exercising or what your injuries will be there forever. She truly offers a holistic approach. She’s very trust worthy, personable and professional and honest. Thanks for everything Dr. Claire!

Amanda D.

Neck pain

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